Bond’s Team Building is the perfect opportunity for your company to disengage from a typical work week, and engage your employees in building better relationships, stronger connections, and a better team. We believe that traditional corporate team building activities are less effective than using a fresh and innovative approach. Our non-traditional philosophy dictates that team bonding and growth should be nurtured through challenging, collaborative activities that will facilitate peak team building. By thinking outside the box, we will provide the best team building activities so that your employees will think outside the box to bring effective, creative solutions to your company.

Improve communication and cooperation between groups

Build leadership, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking

Makes groups truly think outside the box

Great to observe your team in an environment that elicits problem-solving and communication

Fairfax Venue

Room Escape Fairfax is a live-action experience featuring immersive and invigorating challenges. 11 unique and innovative escape rooms offer exciting puzzles for our guests to solve. Each escape room provides a different adventure, whether you choose to repair your spacecraft and escape from Venus, or solve the mysteries of a missing girl and her creepy horror room.

Arlington Venue

Bond’s Escape Room Arlington is an immersive, innovative, invigorating live-action experience. Arlington escape rooms feature exciting and challenging puzzles for our guests to solve. Whether you choose to explore the mysteries of the chocolate factory room, or endure the horrors of the haunted mansion room, no two experiences are alike.

Let Bond’s Team Building help improve your organization through fun corporate team building activities that will engage, inspire and elevate your team towards greater success.

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