Bond’s Team Building is a sister company to Room Escape Fairfax (the largest escape room center on the East Coast) and Bond’s Escape Room (one of newest and largest Escape Rooms in the Washington Metropolitan Area)

In 2015, we became pioneers of the burgeoning escape room industry as one of the very first escape room businesses in the DMV area and quickly fell in love with the craft of creating the best experiences possible. We have since learned the art of captivating storytelling, creating more innovative puzzles, building more and more realistic props, and superior technological and decorative design. In just five years, our operation has gone from a one-man project to over thirty dedicated employees who have grown with the company as we built over 20 escape rooms, served over 200,000 customers, and hosted over 3,000 team building events.

In 2017, we began to explore the value of escape rooms as a tool to apply to the corporate world. Escape rooms can serve as microcosm of the workplace, as a diverse team must come together to complete a time-sensitive task by thinking critically, problem-solving creatively, and communicating effectively; by having a business coach observe these interactions, they can provide valuable feedback on team dynamics to help strengthen the team.

In 2019, we opened our 2nd location in Arlington, VA which currently has five of the most innovative games in the DMV area.

2020 helped us prove that we can grow as the industry changes when we launched our first online team building game (The Global Domination) together with professionals in team performance and human behavior. More online-based team building products will premiere throughout the year!

Key Values

Our strong team is passionate about self-development, innovation driven, and constantly seeks improvement. We are not just believers, but also doers.

Our Goal

To help businesses (big and small) improve their team’s community, morale, talents, and by extension, overall performance of the company. We strive to bring innovations to industry and search for new ways to deliver the best possible results

Our Approach

We strongly believe if you constantly work on improving your service or product then sooner or later, you will become the best at what you do.


With team building services, your team will be presented with situations that require strong collaboration between team members that will require their unique viewpoints and experience to solve a collective problem. This collaborative team effort will allow your team to demonstrate their work skills, portray their strengths and weaknesses and grow into their special role on your team.


A team building activity is an amazing way to break down the barriers to strong communication between teammates and allow them to get to know one another better. When presented with challenging situations, each team member must rely one another to accomplish the activity goal. This helps your team boost their verbal communication skills to better develop and follow instructions at work.


“Outside the box” activities will allow your team members to bring their imaginative ideas to the rest of the team, giving everyone an opportunity to be more motivated to share creative solutions in the workplace. Being thrust into an activity where creativity is highly important will force team members who might not be the most original with their ideas to turn their creative weaknesses into strengths.


By participating in fun and challenging team building activities, your team will gain more trust amongst each other by learning from one another’s strengths, limitations, fears and experiences to develop deeper understanding and relationships. Greater trust among your team members will encourage strong collaboration and an improved team attitude and happiness.

Build A Winning Team

One of the best ways to boost your team’s mutual trust and confidence to overcome challenges in achieving organizational goals is to be thrust into an intensive team building activity environment. Our team building games give your corporate team a fun and challenging activity to participate in that will recruit every team member’s unique creativity, insight, and problem solving skills. A winning team is built by completing each challenge collaboratively and decisively. This forces your team members to form a common goal and puts everyone in the same mentality of problem solving to overcome an adverse challenge. Through our team building services, you will be able to assess your employees’ individual identities, their focus, and what they bring to the table for your company

Team Building Innovation

We offer a host of products and services to help inspire your team towards greater camaraderie, connection, and organizational success. At Bond’s Team Building, we strive to build better relationships through our commitment to research and development to improve our products and services. Through our innovative approach, we have provided the breakthrough for corporate teams to come away feeling refreshed, happy, and inspired. Managers and executives find that their employees are more engaged and positive. Our approach considers how much employee affective commitment plays in fostering a successful team, and our clients have found a way through our activities and services to achieve greater team morale, better attitudes and a more productive work environment.

Let Bond’s Team Building help improve your organization through fun corporate team building activities that will engage, inspire and elevate your team towards greater success.

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